Research Design and Execution

If you or your company have questions that require research to be answered, I am ready to design a research protocols and materials for you. Whether it is qualitative, quantitative, survey based, or experimental, I am ready to assemble a team of experts perfectly suited to cater your research needs. I also work with a specialized set of experts for projects that require big-data or AI simulation studies.

Can consult on design of research for lab and field

Although some questions can be researched in laboratory settings, many social and policy related questions need to be researched in a natural environment. Although lab settings allow for careful and controlled studies, people interact differently in natural settings than in a lab. Studying people as they naturally interact is crucial for answering many complex questions. I provide an experienced perspective on how to approach these questions and how to understand the results. Moreover, it might seem that there is no difference between laboratory and field settings when it comes to designing a research, but the truth is that field projects require special equipment to function in diverse environments and survive the elements.

Experience working with children and minority communities

I have designed multiple research projects dealing with children and minorities. These projects require specific ethical considerations, and developing methods suited for these populations. Research projects designed for adults are often hard for children to understand or inappropriate for children. In addition, working with children and minorities requires a sensitive approach and special training and experience to avoid pitfalls in the research and potential negative impact to the groups. Carefully designed research can help avoid negative impact and the repercussions of this for your project.

Experience working in cross-cultural contexts

In an increasingly globalized world, many projects focus on more than one cultural group. I have experience working with populations in Europe and South Pacific, and have conducted research specifically aimed at the similarities and differences between different cultures and countries. This type of research requires designing a research methodology that can provide relevant answers, while considering the cultural specifics that get your project the right answers. It also requires the ability to research the culture itself. Taking into account these cultural nuances avoids negative press and public relations disasters by taking into account the differences in ethical considerations, obtaining the appropriate approvals, and/or finding and working with the “gatekeepers” of a community.

Qualitative and Quantitative

There are many types of data. Some projects require the mathematical precision of quantitative data analysis, statistic, and controlled scientific results. Other projects require a more social and holistic approach, such as attempting to understand social and cultural differences between different groups of people. I have experience working with both types of research and successfully completing projects that blend both approaches to provide an in depth understanding of a problem while also providing actionable data to help guide future actions.

Can collect data

Depending on your needs, I can either work with a team internal to your organization or assemble a team from my panel of experts in order to collect the relevant data.

Experimental data

Experimental data is typically collected from a lab setting. Critical to the idea of experimental data is that it tests for a causal effect. Most often, experiments are run in a lab setting. I bring a unique skillset that can bring experimental methods into real-world settings. This allows for experimental data to be collected in places like schools, stores, or in urban environments.

Survey data

Survey data can provide a “big picture” view of what is going on with large groups of people. I am able to work with you to create custom surveys that mix direct questions of interest with measures from the field of psychology that have been documented to be effective in order to create the most reliable dataset to bear on your question.

Online data

In addition to experimental and surveys, I also work with online samples, specifically recruited to target your key demographic, to deploy research measures that can mix survey and experimental research methods. This can provide your team with a lens into the minds of thousands of individuals, allowing you to be more confident in the results of your project.

Social media data

I work closely with a team of experts to also collect data from social media (Facebook, Twitter) as needed. This can provide a targeted lens for projects that require tracking the dissemination of information, such as analysing and tracking marketing campaigns and getting a better understanding of social influencers.

Can analyse data

Can work with your local team to analyse data you already have

I can work with your team to analyse data that has already been collected by your team. I specialize in working in collaboration with data analysts and decision makers in order to make advanced analyses clear and understandable in order for your project to have the greatest impact possible.

Experience with a wide range of analytical tools and methods

Different research projects require different data and therefore different analyses. There is no “one size fits all” analysis. I assist in choosing what the most effective and appropriate analysis is for your project and can carry out advanced analyses using a variety of tools. If required, I am also able to specify requirements of new analytical tools to a team of experts and developers to cater to your needs.

Can consult in data interpretation

Present reports of statistical results in plain English (or Slovak) for a wide range of audiences

The output of many analyses are an unintelligible set of numbers and tables. I have experience preparing reports for groups ranging from multi-national corporations to world-class research institutes. The key is translating and visualizing data output in a way that works for your project and your team. These reports are custom made for each project so as to optimize the impact of the results for your needs.

Can consult in action planning based on results

Can aid in creating action plans based on the data and your needs and goals.

The final step in many projects is moving from analyses to action. I work with your team to develop action plans based on the results of the project. By working closely with you to understand your goals, I can better help you to contextualize the results of this study in a way that is most meaningful to achieve the desired results.